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Your Life Stages

Your Life Stages | Moor Investment Services

Whichever stage in life you have reached, sound financial advice and planning is vital. Financial planning is all about lifestyle. It's about protecting the lifestyle you currently enjoy, for yourself and your loved ones and it's about planning for the lifestyle you want to enjoy in the future. However, as you progress in life, the focus of your financial planning may change as your circumstances change. That's why you need to review your financial plan regularly, ensuring that it still suits your needs and objectives.

Getting Married

Would you like to be in a position to choose where and what your wedding will look like without worrying about the cost? Would you like to be able ensure that your children, or grandchildren can have the wedding they can only dream of?

We can help you put a plan in place to meet your goals in this area and with regular annual reviews, together we can ensure you get to where you want to be.

Starting A Family

Starting a Family | Moor Investment Services

The birth of a child is a wonderful time, but with it comes the inevitable additional financial responsibilities on the family. Unquestionably, the most important people in our lives are our family and the last thing we want is to think of them struggling for money if the unthinkable were to happen, whether it be illness or worse, premature death.

If this happened to you, how would your family cope? How would you feel if, through lack of planning, your family had to struggle because you could not work through an accident or illness? How would you feel if you thought your family would not be able to cope financially were you to die prematurely?

With a little planning, you can avoid such nightmares. Talk to us at Moor Investment Services and we can put a protection plan in place, which we will review with you as your situation changes, so you do not have to worry about any unfortuntate disasters affecting you.


Are you planning to privately educate your children or perhaps hoping they will go on to university? How much is it going to cost? Do you know how you are going to fund it? Would you like to be in a position to help contribute towards this important time in a young adult's life? What would happen if you could not work? What would happen to your family financially if you were to die prematurely or contract a serious illness that stopped you from working?

We can help you plan towards ensuring that any goals you might have in assisting your children, or even perhaps your grandchildren, can be met giving your family the best start in life possible. We can also help you assess the potential issues and with careful planning, you are protected so that if disaster should happen, your income could be maintained or there would be money available to help your family manage financially.


Divorce is without doubt one of the most stressful times in anybody's life. A complete change of situation can come with challenging financial issues and sometimes problems. It can be a time of turmoil where help and guidance through some complex financial decisions can be invaluable.

At Moor Investment Services, we have experience in dealing with all aspects of financial planning during divorce. From pension advice to helping either party plan forward for the future with certainty, at a time when everything can look like a mine-field.

Planning For Retirement

When do you wish to retire? Could you afford to retire when you want to? What do all your pension plans add up to? How much will you get at retirement? Do you need to do more to retire when you want to? Why do I need a retirement plan?

These are just a few of the extremely important questions that we should all be asking ourselves, really, from our early twenties. With State retirement age recently being extended to 68 for many, if you want to retire earlier then you are going to have to take much more responsibility for your own retirement.

Moor Investment Services are retirement planning specialists with years of experience in creating financial plans for businesses and individuals which we regularly review to ensure that your retirement plan will maintain value against inflation and to keep you fully informed as to how you are progressing towards your eventual retirement goals.


Receiving an inheritance or a windfall of any kind can be a daunting prospect. Of course, you would want to make the most of the money but what exactly does that mean?

Should you put the money in the bank? Should you tie it up? If so, for how long? It is a good time to invest money? Should you pay off your mortgage? Should you give some away?

Moor Investment Services offer a structured investment and savings financial planning process to ensure your needs are fully catered for. Any investments you undertake are fully researched to ensure complete compliance with all of your attitudes and views. Your plan will be regularly reviewed with you so you are always aware as to progress towards any investment goals put in place at the outset, or to ensure if there have been any changes in circumstances, we can adjust the plan accordingly.

Choices At Retirement

There are many choices and decisions to be made at retirement whether it be with personal pensions, company pensions, structuring savings for income, trading down property, paying off debts and many, many more. Do you find the thought of making these, sometimes once in a lifetime decisions daunting?

Moor Investment Services are able to help guide you through these incredibly important times and make sure you are fully informed as to the right route to take for you.

Estate & Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax would probably be top of the list for the most hated taxes. How would you feel if 40% of your hard earned wealth was to go to the taxman, rather than your family on your death? Would you not want to pass on as much of your estate to your family as you could on your death?

We can help show you the best ways to keep Inheritance Tax to a minimum or in some cases, eradicate the tax bill completely.

Care Fees Planning

Are you worried about if and when you might need to go into care and how you'll pay for it? Are you concerned about spending or using your money now for fear that you might need it to pay for care in later life?

If you need help understanding the options for paying care fees, how to fund for potential care without depleting the value of your estate and how to live for today as well as plan for tomorrow, Moor Investment Services are able to help you.


Your Goals

We understand that our clients are not all the same. That is why we always treat our clients individually, offering bespoke solutions to your unique set of circumstances and goals. Many of our clients tell us that we are very different from other financial advisers and wealth managers and we believe that this is, in part, due to our clear commitment to fully understanding your financial goals and an ongoing obligation to building on our relationship in order to achieve your specific objectives.

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Our Process

We believe it is important to have a structured approach towards developing a successful financial planning strategy and we follow a process aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We aim to deliver a suitable solution that matches your individual needs, attitude to risk, tolerance for loss, timeline knowledge and experience. The key to our advice process are six essential elements:

  • Understanding
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Review

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