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Our clients are individuals and business owners who are serious about structuring their affairs to enjoy a lifestyle that they have worked hard for. They appreciate that we are a family business, focused on building long-term, collaborative relationships with an emphasis on personalised service working closely to build a long-term relationship identifying the best solutions to meet your exact requirements and aims.

A proportion of our clients are approaching the time of their life when they are considering retirement and are looking to use their accumulated funds, be they pensions, savings or investments to generate income.

We can host meetings at our offices in the small rural town of Paddock Wood, located in a quaint country setting. The relaxed atmosphere provides an ideal environment for our highly skilled team to focus on your needs, goals and ideals.

Our clients benefit from receiving local, trusted, knowledgeable advice; we offer truly independent financial advice covering the entire spectrum of financial products, working closely with you to build a long-term relationship that identifies the best solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Clients are likely to be successful working with us

  • You are committed to action.
    Our job is to empower clients to take responsibility for their own financial future and helping them make the behavioral changes necessary to do so. You will have to do your part of the plan and, by and large, do what we both agreed needs to be done when the times come to do whatever it may be.
  • You value relationships.
    A relationship with your financial advisor is much like you would have with a good friend - someone who is wise about the issues that affect us all and willing to be a great listener. They can provide solid advice, broad perspective and hand holding - someone to help you make the sometimes hard decisions that are best for you and our family. This is the person you can turn to whenever issues related to our personal finances arise.
  • You are willing to work at refining your values and goals.
    We believe that if your values and goals are clear, your decisions are easy. The more definitive you are, the easier it becomes to assist you with organisation and management - making plans and decisions in context, rather than on an ad hoc basis.
  • You are willing to have fun!
    Money and finances are tools to support your chosen lifestyle, not the reverse. While the ultimate goal is to use sound financial practices to enable lives of joy and fulfillment, the journey should be as rewarding as the destination.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on the following link to learn about how we work.


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