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Our Process for Financial Security | Moor Investment Services

We believe it is important to have a structured approach towards developing a successful financial planning strategy and we follow a process aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We aim to deliver a suitable solution that matches your individual needs, attitude to risk, tolerance for loss, timeline knowledge and experience.

The key to our advice process are six essential elements:

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation | Moor Investment Services

In our initial meeting we spend a lot of time asking questions - and most importantly, listening to your answers. From this, we will establish your financial objectives and goals and the timeline in which you would like to achieve them. An essential part of this process is identifying what motivates you in terms of your financial goals, so we can clearly understand what you're working towards, in the short, medium and long-term.

This initial meeting is usually held without charge if conducted during normal office hours. However, if you require the initial meeting to be outside of normal office hours, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £150 should, following the meeting, you not become a fee paying client.

Full Understanding

This can either be a continuation from the initial discussion or a further meeting. The process involves gaining a full understanding of your situation by gathering in depth information about your existing financial arrangements and full personal circumstances. In addition, we will establish and gain an understanding of your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk and potential losses. If appropriate, we will conduct an assessment of and then establish the suitability of any existing investment and pension arrangements.


Back at our offices we will then undertake extensive, in-depth research and analysis on your existing plans. We then formulate what financial resources you will need to meet your financial objectives and goals and the timeline in which you would like to achieve them.

We will then meet again and we will present you with a detailed and tailored financial recommendation describing the specific services we will provide and the fees for these services. This recommendation will take into account your financial goals and objectives, and also timeline for achieving these. We will talk you through any specific product recommendation, fund choices, costs and charges.

We will never charge you anything until you have agreed how we are to be paid by signing a copy of our Client Agreement.


Having identified your current financial situation and assessed where you want to be, we will formulate an overall strategy, specifying the actions that we feel you should take. This process could potentially comprise amending existing investments or possibly plugging any gaps or shortfalls uncovered during our discussion and research with one or more new financial arrangements. With every recommendation made we ensure total independence and impartiality so you can be assured that any solution offered has been thoroughly researched and derived from the whole of the market. If appropriate, it will be that we may not recommend any new financial products or services at all.

We will then agree the way forward and the course of action you wish to take. At this point, we may implement some, or perhaps all, of the advice we have provided as agreed with you.


Once we have agreed to the financial plan developed with yourself, we can implement it on your behalf, or assist you through the process. This may involve completion of any necessary documentation required to get your plan under way which we can help you with. You can relax in the knowledge that we will take care of all the necessary steps to turn your plan into reality.

Ongoing Reviews

Our ongoing review allows us to meet with you and review your financial plans and ensure these continue to meet your needs. This is imperative to ensure your plans continue to stay on track and relevant to your changing lifestyle. It is also an opportunity to monitor progress, update your plans and keep your investments under control. All of our clients receive a written annual review report.


We will help you establish a clearly defined financial strategy, working closely with you over the years as your needs and requirements change and provide the comprehensive wealth management resources that you will need to keep you on the right path.

Get started with a Free Consultation without obligation and find out how we can help you with your financial position today and help you plan for your future.


Your Goals

We understand that our clients are not all the same. That is why we always treat our clients individually, offering bespoke solutions to your unique set of circumstances and goals. Many of our clients tell us that we are very different from other financial advisers and wealth managers and we believe that this is, in part, due to our clear commitment to fully understanding your financial goals and an ongoing obligation to building on our relationship in order to achieve your specific objectives.

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Your Life Stages

Whichever stage in life you have reached, sound financial advice and planning is vital. Financial planning is all about lifestyle. It's about protecting the lifestyle you currently enjoy, for yourself and your loved ones and it's about planning for the lifestyle you want to enjoy in the future. However, as you progress in life, the focus of your financial planning may change as your circumstances change. That's why you need to review your financial plan regularly, ensuring that it still suits your needs and objectives.

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