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Why choose an Independent Financial Adviser?

Finding and choosing the right person to help you organise your financial affairs can be one of the most important and most daunting things you do when it comes to financial planning. However, ensuring that you choose a financial adviser who suits your particular needs and aims can be difficult.

There are three different types of financial adviser to choose from. Firstly, there are financial advisers who operate on behalf of one company, such as the representative you will see if you visit your local bank. Secondly are the multi-tied advisers who sell products on behalf of a limited range of companies. Then there are Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) who choose products for their clients from the whole of the market.

If you're using an adviser, always always make sure it's an independent financial adviser

Richard Moor of Moor Investment Services

There are two main benefits to consulting Independent Financial Advisers or IFAs, rather than a tied or multi-tied adviser. Most importantly, a truly independent financial adviser will be acting in your best interests, seeking to act on behalf of the client rather than any organisation they may be selling products for. By using an IFA you'll be receiving tailored solutions to your particular circumstances using the whole of the market.

Truly Independent

We at Moor Investment Services are truly Independent Financial Advisers and will choose the right product for your needs from the whole of the market to choose products from without bias or prejudice. Not only that, Richard Moor is also a Chartered Financial Planner with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (FPFS) which is the very highest designation awarded by the PFS and represents the highest professional standards of any of the financial planning credentials available today setting Moor Investment Services apart from most other financial planners.


Your Questions Answered


  • Is Moor Investment Services independent, tied or multi-tied?

  • Moor Investment Services is a truly independent financial adviser offering unbiased advice from the whole of the market.

  • What qualifications do you have?

  • Richard Moor is a Chartered Financial Planner and also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (FPFS), the very highest designation awarded by the PFS. In addition, Richard is also an authorised Pension Specialist.

  • Can you provide testimonials from existing clients?

  • What are your fees?

  • The initial consultation is at our expense and we will talk with you about your goals and objectives and confirming how we are able to help you achieve these. Moving forward, we will always agree with you in advance how we will get paid and before undertaking any financial planning on your behalf, we will agree on the fee structure with you and confirm this in writing. For more information, please visit Our Fees page or arrange a Free Consultation without obligation.

  • Do you offer ongoing advice after the initial consultation?

  • Following on from our initial meeting, we undertake extensive in depth research and analysis on your existing plans. We then formulate what financial resources you will need to meet your aims and when you will need them. We will then specify the action that we feel you should take, outlining a strategy and course of action to help you achieve your aims, whilst ensuring that you fully understand everything including the benefits and any element of risk. Most importantly, in order to keep things on track, we keep things under regular review, updating your plans to keep your investments under control. For more information about the process we use in order to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives, please visit Our Process page.


Looking for some friendly financial advice?

If you're looking for independent financial advice to help meet your current needs and future aspirations then we're always happy to discuss how we could help you.

Independent financial advice from a friendly, local IFA you can trust

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